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Ready to Say Good-bye to Insecurity, Self Doubt and Disappointment?

You can break free from painful cycles and patterns. You can trust yourself to live a more peaceful, joyful and satisfying life.

I help women to “live as love”

Do you feel that…
Life is not easy for you.
You’re in emotional pain far too often.
In fact, stress, insecurity, self doubt and suffering sometimes feel like your constant companions.
You have difficulty saying, “no” to people?
You’re worn out, disappointed, frustrated and fed up.
You’re looking for help.
You want to live your life feeling more secure, appreciated, respected and valued.
You want less worry, sadness, and fear.

vertical-squiggleDo you suffer in any of these ways?

“I’m tired of living with stress and anxiety all the time. I worry and fret about everything.”
“My future doesn’t look very promising. I don’t know who I am or what I want.  I’m worried and depressed.”
“I’m constantly thinking negative thoughts and putting myself down. I struggle with low self-esteem.”
“My relationships hurt. They often end badly, and I feel awful. I  don’t get my needs met in them.”
“I am easily overwhelmed by my emotions.” OR, “I can’t feel anything. I’m numb.”
“I’ve struggled with addictions and compulsions – e.g. food, alcohol, drugs, obsessive thoughts and behaviors, perfectionism”
“I have ongoing health issues – e.g. headaches, skin problems, digestive issues, infertility, etc.

Life Doesn’t Have to Be a Struggle

I know that this might be difficult to believe right now…

When life has been hard for so long, it’s challenging to have faith that it can be better.

BUT, the fact that you are here shows that you still have hope.

Something is compelling you to act. Something is guiding you towards taking the steps required to have a better life.

You Can Move From “Living in Emotional Pain” to “Living as Love.”

To “live as love” begins with honoring yourself first, appreciating who you are and what you’ve been through, and treating yourself with kindness, honor and respect so that you can be present to your own feelings, needs and desires.

When you unapologetically love yourself – in all ways – all else flows from this foundation. This is where the effective mind-body therapy tools and techniques I utilize in my practice come in.

As your counselor, I’ll help you live the life you want – in alignment with your heart and your true purpose.

When you “live as love” you’ll say things like past clients have said:

“I can’t believe how good I feel. I wish I’d come to see you for therapy sooner.”
“I feel calm and relaxed. I’m handling stress and no longer feel anxious all the time. I am at peace for the first time in a long time.”
“I finally know how to get my needs met and stand up for myself!”
“I’m more in tune with my body, my feelings and what I want.   It’s a whole new sense of freedom.”
“I feel like an entirely new person. I have a greater appreciation for my self and my body.  I worry less, sleep better and have more energy.”
“My motivation has increased, I’m enjoying being social again and have been taking better care of myself.”
“My relationship with my partner has improved a lot. We are closer than we’ve ever been before.”
“My faith in myself and life has been restored. Life feels meaningful. I now know my purpose.”

Why Choose Me as Your Therapist?

Hello, my name is Jennifer Welch. I specialize in assisting women who are moving through life transitions, recovering from trauma or abuse, and those healing painful relationship patterns. My mission as a hypnotherapist, cellular release therapist, and counselor is to help women “live as love” in all areas of their lives.

Jennifer WelchI assist women in deepening their connection to themselves and their inner wisdom.

I guide women in releasing what no longer serves them.

I help women reclaim their Sacred Feminine essence and powerfully live their truth.

I have a sense of your struggle because I’ve been in pain too…

Several years ago I was in a very difficult place in my life.  Thanks to a series of hypnotherapy sessions, within 2 months I turned my life around. This opened my world to an ongoing journey of personal growth and fulfillment.

I want to help you turn your life around too.

As your counselor, I want to help you tap into your inner knowing. I want to help you follow your heart’s desire to create the life and the love that you want.

If you’re ready to create a life filled with more passion, purpose and joy contact me and we can get started.


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