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10 Ways to Uncover the Messages of the Subconscious Mind

In my last blog post, I discussed the difference between the conscious vs the subconscious mind.  In this post, I offer 10 easy and fun ways to receive and work with your own internal subconscious messages.

How the subconscious mind reveals messages

The subconscious mind records vast amounts of data that is taken in through the central nervous system and stored energetically in your body and energy system.  This data both forms and informs your body, all the way down to the cellular level, even affecting the expression of the DNA.

You can become aware of and work with the messages, wisdom, and programming of your subconscious in a variety of ways for they are continuously being revealed to you on many levels.  Some ways in which your subconscious mind speaks to you is through bodily sensations, behavioral patterns, emotions and emotional responses, symbols, dreams, impressions, and intuitive ”hits”.

When you begin to notice and work with your own internal images and messages, you have access to the seed place where data is stored, and where it can also be altered or changed.  Learning to work with the insightful and inherent knowledge of your subconscious mind allows you access to a greater range of your human experience.

Ways to access the messages of your subconscious mind

There are a variety of ways to learn to notice the messages the subconscious is sending you about your identity, place in the world, your struggles and fears, as well as what your Soul is trying to accomplish in your life.  Learning to see, receive, and hear these messages gives you access to a greater depth of personal understanding.

Listed below are 10 of my favorite ways to receive messages from my subconscious mind.

1. Open yourself to the realm of feelings and emotions

Suppressed or “unprocessed” emotion is like frozen energy.  It gets locked in a place (typically your body or energy system) and doesn’t move.  Until it is processed, it can create energy blocks, emotional blocks, and a drain on your system.

Opening yourself to feeling emotions, both “positive” and “negative” allows the energy of emotion to move and evolve and for you to claim the truth of your experience.  It also offers clues as to where you are placing your energy and the ability to notice if your needs are/are not being met.

Many times, when you are feeling something emotionally painful, it is a signal to begin evaluating what your personal needs are and how they can be met in a way that is healthy and nurturing. Feeling your emotions is a way of claiming your experience and honoring your deeper truth.

2. Practice tools to calm and center yourself

When you are feeling anxious, panicked, or afraid, your central nervous system kicks into high gear preparing you to fight or flee.  This sends stress hormones pumping into the bloodstream,  and affects physiological functions such as hormone balance, digestion, and reproductive function as the body prepares for action.

The pace of our current society is very demanding.  Many of us are constantly under some kind of deadline, feel financially insecure, have difficulty or painful family lives, feel the strain of societal pressures, or live in a constant state of anxiety or fear.

Living long term with this kind of constant assault can be quite harmful to the body, not to mention the toll it takes on the mind, physiological system, and spirit.

One of the best ways to alleviate and alter the fight or flight mechanism is to practice relaxation or meditation. Being in a relaxed state 20 minutes a day reverses the fight or flight response and allows the body to access the relaxation response.  This allows for brain function to improve, stress hormones to decrease in the blood system, the hormone system to regulate and balance, and overall well-being to improve.

There are many ways to achieve the relaxation state and it does not matter which approach you take.  Some ways of relaxation are deep breathing, progressive relaxation, meditation, guided meditation, hypnosis or self-hypnosis.

Find a method of relaxing that works for you, and practice it regularly.  When you practice conscious relaxation on a regular basis, it resets the body and mind to function in a more consistently relaxed state. It also makes it easier to access a more relaxed state during periods of high stress.

3. Keep a dream journal

Keeping a dream journal is a wonderful way to notice patterns or themes in your dreams.  It’s also a way to begin to notice what your subconscious mind is processing from the day.

As you keep track of your dreams, you may notice that you process material from the day in your dreams, and you also may begin to find both subtle, and not so subtle, messages from your heart and Soul as to who you are, what your inner being wants for you, or what is in store.  Dreams can be powerful messages; keeping a dream journal can illuminate the deeper material of your subconscious mind.

4. Commune with and Nurture your Inner Child

The energy of your inner child hosts a significant amount of your most vital life force.  Connecting with the innocence, purity, imagination, and creativity of your inner child is a way to tap into this life force.  It also offers clues as to your life purpose and what brings you the most joy.

Remember back to when you were a child; what did you love to do?  How did you love to spend your time?  What excited you and inspired you?

Find ways to allow your inner child to play in your adult life.  This may mean that you have to let go of perfectionism and allow yourself to be “messy” and try new things.  This is a wonderfully fun and joyful way to connect more deeply to your authentic essence and experience greater joy.

5. Engage in the arts: music, poetry, writing, theatre, sewing, painting, etc… whatever your heart loves

There are multitudes of ways of engaging in the arts; you can watch a movie or go to an art gallery or museum.  You can take a dance class or read poetry.  You can go to a concert or the symphony, or take lessons on that instrument you’ve always wanted to learn.

Allow yourself to explore what speaks to you.  The power of being in the moment, actively engaged in the creative process, being open and vulnerable what you are creating and a part of is one of the greatest joys in life.

Engaging in the arts allows you to recognize your own inner myths and stories through identification with the medium you are exploring. It allows you to experience your life in a new way, adding a deeper texture to your personal reality.  It also allows you to step out of your box and try something new which opens the door to greater confidence, trust in yourself and joy.

6. Be in Nature

Mother Nature is the wisest of all teachers, elegantly displaying the most glorious of lessons.  Spending time with her, in whatever way you can, is both a gift and a necessity to return to the roots of your own being.

It is “from the earth” that all life is born and sustained.  As human beings, we are a part of nature itself.  From Mother Nature you can learn to appreciate beauty, simplicity, and gentleness, as well as destruction and movement.  From the rhythms of the earth come lessons of letting go and being in the “seasons of life”.

Spending time in nature will not only nurture and renew you, but it will offer you ways to connect more deeply with your heart and Soul; for the rhythms of the earth are also the rhythms that pulse in your own body. Your body naturally follows the rhythms of the earth and as you begin to notice and pay attention to how your body responds, you may notice that different seasons fill you with unique sensations, ideas, or longings.  These sensations, ideas and longings are revelations from your subconscious mind reminding you who you are

7. Utilize Visualization

Whether you know it or not, you are highly skilled at the art of visualization!  If you can worry about something, long for something, daydream, or ruminate about the past, you are using some form of visualization.

Your inner talk, daydreams, worries, and longings all produce images and/or sensations in the body that communicate messages from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind.  For example, if you have an upcoming presentation, meeting, or conversation with someone and you feel somewhat unprepared, you may begin to notice a vague sense of anxiety or fear.  You may see yourself running late or stumbling over the material.  You may find yourself not sleeping well, or resisting preparation for the event.

But if you are able to stop and allow yourself to receive, accept, and honor the impressions and messages you are receiving from your subconscious mind, then you are able to respond from a place of personal power.  As you work with these clues that reveal how you are feeling and what you need and want, then you are access the opportunity to begin working with these internal messages.

Personal power comes from the ability to respond from a place of choice.  Breathing in peace, confidence and a sense of security and using visualization to work with your internal images and impressions provides you the opportunity to feel more secure and prepared.  This can be a very powerful way to transform your inner experience and lay the foundation for the outer manifestation of the experience you desire.

8. Receive Body Work

You are barraged with a vast amount of sensory input each day.  Auditory input consists of sounds from the radio, computer, or television as well as your environment including the hum of the refrigerator, traffic on the street, or construction outside.  Visual stimulation is also all around and includes lights, signs and flashing advertisements.

All of this auditory and visual input, combined with focusing your energy on your mental stream of consciousness can culminate to create a disconnect with the physical body.

Receiving bodywork such as massage, Reiki, cranio-sacral therapy, or other body-centered treatments allows you to focus your awareness upon the sensations and impressions of the physical body.  When you take time to focus on the physical body, either through physical touch or internal sessions, it allows for a two-way communication with your own physiology.  This gives you the space and time to receive messages and input from the body so that you can more easily nurture, care for, and support the amazing body that does so much for you everyday.

9. Cultivate a Spiritual practice that affirms Love

Regardless of what faith, practice, or tradition you follow, cultivating a Spiritual practice that affirms love is a powerful way to begin to recognize the truth of who you are.

Working with loving virtues and principles allows for a deeper sense of personal acceptance and security.  The more you love, honor, and accept yourself, the more you are able to be exactly who you are and express that in the world.

Practicing love, acceptance and compassion towards yourself and others allows you to see the places within you that are longing for even greater love and joy.  It also helps you to live your authentic nature in all that you are and do.

10. Allow yourself to listen to and trust your inner voice, guidance, and impressions

Listening to and trusting yourself is the most important tool in the treasure trove of tools that I am providing here.

Within you lies the answers to all of the questions you seek.  If you aren’t receiving answers to the questions you are asking now, there is a reason for it.  Perhaps now not the time for an answer to be revealed; or perhaps there is chaos in your outer or inner life that is blocking you from receiving the answer.  But the answers are there, and in the perfect timing and way, they will be revealed.

Your gut instincts, your impressions, and the quiet voice inside are your compass for navigating your life’s journey.  Learning to receive, interpret, trust, and act upon your own inner knowingness paves the pathway for greater joy and freedom because you are self-directed.  When you reference your own internal compass to guide the journey of your life, you truly are the captain of your own ship.  Nothing is more liberating than living an authentic life that is orchestrated by the movement of your Soul.

Enjoy greater ease now with your FREE "10 Ways to Stop Struggle" report and meditation.
You will also receive a subscription to my newsletter for exciting freebies, offers and events

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