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Fertility Challenges

If you are here, my guess is that you began your baby journey full of hope and optimism, excited by the possibilities ahead of you.  You probably didn’t expect that you might find yourself here, facing some unexpected bumps in the road.

But if months have gone by and you are not pregnant, or if you have been diagnosed with infertility, perhaps you may have found yourself wondering what is going on with your body that you aren’t achieving the results you desire. Maybe self-doubt and fear have begun to set in.

When you realized that you weren’t getting pregnant as you had planned, perhaps you thought about changing or altering your lifestyle or habits.  Or, perhaps you’ve started thinking about, are beginning, or have gone through medically assisted reproductive treatments.

And, while these things allow you to feel that you are doing all that you can to positively affect your chances, it is understandable that you might become discouraged, resentful, angry or depressed when even this does not produce the results you desire.

The stress, uncertainty and disappointment you experience during all of this can take a toll and can lead to worry, self-doubt, fear, isolation, and even depression.  You strive to do all that you know to do to enhance your chances, while wondering if there has been some unturned stone you have missed that when found, would allow you to solve this mystery.

It is hard to live your life and engage in social events when it seems that somehow you’ve been left out.  Perhaps you wonder if there is something wrong with you, if you are being punished, or if you have not been or done enough.

I know that you’d like things to be other than they are.  I know that you long to feel better and to find another way.

What if there was another way for you to navigate this journey?  

What if you COULD feel better in the midst of all of this, and naturally enhance your chances?It is true that there is still much about reproduction that remains a part of the greater mystery of life.  But science is now telling us that by using mind-body-spirit techniques, such as hypnosis, meditation, and mindfulness,not only can you reduce stress and improve well-being, you also can improve your chances for conception and carrying a healthy, full-term pregnancy.

Studies conducted at Harvard’s Mind-Body Institute have shown that those who have participated in mind-body stress reduction saw dramatic increases in their ability to get pregnant.  Even women who were already undergoing medical fertility treatments had more successful outcomes when they had mind-body tools and techniques to reduce and cope with stress.

Studies like these demonstrate how sensitive the reproductive system is, and they also shed a light of hope because they tell us that there are tools that you can you use to positively affect your mindset, your body, your life, and your chances.

As a conscious conception coach, hypnotherapist and cellular release therapist, I know that you can release the struggle, worry, and fear that this time can produce. I have seen countless numbers of clients do exactly that.  And by being in a more harmonious internal state, fostering fertility in every area of your life, not only do you increase your own peace of mind, you also increase your chances of success.

Doing this inner work will assist you in:

  • Reducing stress and increasing feelings of calm and relaxation
  • Restoring physical, mental, and emotional balance and well-being
  • Regulating the natural balance in the autonomic nervous system, thus regulating and restoring healthy immune system function and hormonal balance
  • Decreasing negative self talk and excessive worry
  • Identifying, clearing and resolving issues (both conscious and subconscious) which may be affecting conception
  • Creating a fertile way of being so that you are prepared for conception, pregnancy, and parenthood
  • Experiencing a greater sense of trust in your body and your process
  • Aligning with your baby
  • Feeling confident that you can cope until the time that you are a parent.

“This time was different and I know that it was because of the work that I have done with you.”

In our work together, I will combine tools and techniques from each of these systems, specifically tailored for your unique situation, to help you achieve peace of mind and create the most fertile environment, both inside and out, for your baby be conceived into.

I work with individuals and couples at any stage of the reproductive journey including those who:

  •  Are actively trying to conceive and are experiencing anxiety or fear around the process
  • Have had difficulty conceiving or carrying a full-term pregnancy
  • Are wanting to consciously eliminate blocks and align with your baby
  • Are wanting to make lifestyle changes to enhance fertility (such as smoking cessation, stopping caffeine and alcohol, releasing excess weight, etc…)
  • Are having difficulty deciding how to proceed on your baby journey
  • Have been diagnosed with secondary infertility
  • Want to naturally enhance your fertility before going the medical assistive technologies route
  • Are preparing for medical fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, or using donor eggs
  • Have gone through unsuccessful fertility treatments and are deciding where to go from here
  • Have experienced pregnancy loss 
  • Have experienced pregnancy loss and are ready to try again
  • Are thinking about or preparing for adoption
  • Are wanting to heal your own birth story or childhood experiences

In our work together  you can expect to

  • Define what a fertile life is for you
  • Experience greater peace and harmony in all areas of your life
  • Enhance your fertility with mind-body-spirit techniques
  • Clear trauma, difficult experiences, fears, beliefs or patterns
  • Release and resolve subconscious issues that may be contributing to conception and pregnancy difficulty
  • Prepare your body, heart, and mind for conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenthood
  • Receive tools to help you maintain changes that have been created through each stage of your personal journey
  • Feel confident that you are able to deal and cope with wherever your journey leads.

I believe in you, and I believe in the dreams you hold for your life.  Within each dream seed lays the pathway from which it can be realized.  Participating in this work assists you in realizing the dreams of your Soul, wherever they may lead.

If you would like more about how this work can be of benefit to you,  please begin by filling out your request for a consultation here.

I look forward to working with you and supporting you in your fertility journey and achieving what your heart desires.