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How Therapy Services Are Offered

  • In person counseling sessions are offered in my office in Lawrence, Kansas.
  • Skype or Face Time sessions are available for those who live out of my local area, or, if you prefer the convenience of seeing me from your home or office.

What Happens in Our Sessions:

Sessions typically last approximately 90 minutes.

First Session:

Your first appointment is an assessment session where we talk about your personal life history and the origin(s) of the difficulties you are experiencing.

We then set goals for our work together. I will also lead you in a brief relaxation and hypnosis exercise which will be recorded for you to listen to and work with at home.

Subsequent Counseling Sessions:

After the initial assessment session, we work to achieve your goals by addressing the areas of your life that are impacting you in a negative way. Our work will typically include talk therapy and counseling, and inner work such as hypnosis or cellular release therapy.

Depending on your needs and goals, here’s what you can expect as we work through the process of psychotherapy:

  • Create more balance, greater harmony, and peace
  • Strengthen inner resources, particularly connection with your own inner wisdom your unique sacred feminine essence
  • Resolve inner difficulties negative experiences, and painful relationships from the past
  • Enhance confidence and well-being on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level
  • Integrate the inner and outer changes you make in therapy to your life
  • Ultimately, our work helps you “live as love” in all areas of your life so that you feel more complete stronger within yourself

Depending on what we address in your session, you may receive additional personalized hypnotherapy recordings to listen to and work with at home.


My Model of Psychotherapy

A Holistic Model

I use a holistic model of therapy with women that takes into account the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. My goal is to help assist you in powerfully living from the true essence of your own heart and soul.

Ultimately, I see women’s work in therapy as spiritual in nature and that your psyche has a higher Self or Soul as the center of your identity. Working within this framework means looking at your life and life challenges within a spiritual context to bring about greater healing.

Our Relationship is of Utmost Importance in the Healing Process

I strive to ensure that our therapy relationship is genuine and caring. It is important that you feel safe and secure in our sessions, as this will influence the outcome of therapy.

I see myself as your equal – I am merely a guide for your inner journey. I will follow your lead in sessions and work at your pace.

Increasing Your Awareness Leads to Change

The inner work that you do is intended to help you become more aware of your unconscious thoughts, behaviors and feelings so that you can then make them conscious.  As your awareness increases, you have more control over how your problems affect you and greater ability to change them.

As you address what comes into your conscious awareness, you will achieve fulfillment through becoming more whole. You’ll experience greater clarity and harmony between your conscious and unconscious and feel better about your life. 

Releasing the Effects of Trauma, Difficulty, or Limiting Patterns Allows You to Move Forward

During the process of our work together, you will clear the energy, impact, and emotion that been imprinted on your body, mind, and emotions from difficult situations or traumatic experiences.  When painful energy remains unprocessed and unresolved, it can create blocks or limit your full and joyful expression of your heart and your sharing of your soul’s gifts.

As you clear the experiences and effects of trauma, your energy system literally expands and allows you to move closer to who truly are.  This allows you to live more fully, more peacefully, and joyfully in all that you are and all that you do.

Accessing Your Own Inner Resources Leads to Greater Freedom and Trust

As you clear away the dust and debris from the path of your past, you are able to more clearly access your own inner guidance. Knowing that you can rely on your own inner guidance, and trusting that you can interpret the signals you are receiving from it, allows you a greater sense of freedom to move in the direction that your soul leads.


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