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Pregnancy Loss

shutterstock_157657805To a parent’s heart that has celebrated the thrill and joy of conception, the experience of miscarriage or pregnancy loss can be devastating.

For each one who experiences pregnancy loss, whether early or late in the pregnancy, a single loss or multiple losses, the experience is unique and painful.   And for many, this is an experience that requests of you a time of grieving and deep personal self care.

In the days and weeks following pregnancy loss, you may find yourself wondering what went wrong that this has happened to you. Perhaps you have fallen into blaming yourself, your partner, or something else for your pain.  Intense grief or blame can even lead you into isolation, depression, despair and hopelessness.

There are times when medical professionals can pinpoint what has occurred for this to take place and there are times when the answers you seek elude even the professionals.

Taking time to grieve – care for yourself and heal – after the devastation of loss can be a huge gift that you give you body, your heart, and your mind.  As you allow yourself the space and time to grieve, this can lessen the struggle and despair so as to allow you to experience compassion so that when you are ready to do so, you can move forward with a greater sense of purpose, and calm.

I offer services for those who

  • Are grieving after pregnancy loss
  • Feel stuck or that they have lost themselves in grief, anger, blame or other painful emotions
  • Have unresolved inner conflict or emotion related to pregnancy and/or loss
  • Want to clear the energetic and emotional trauma of loss
  • Are having difficulty in knowing how to proceed
  • Are thinking of trying again, and are experiencing fear, anxiety or other negativity
  • Experienced loss some time ago but suspect there is something that needs your attention.

Through the process of going through this work, you will experience tools to

  • Calm the nervous system after the trauma of loss
  • Address and heal any unresolved emotions or ideas that have been created due to the experience you have been through
  • Connect with your own inner resources for greater peace and understanding
  • Support the body in healing, on all levels
  • Promote physical, mental, and emotional healing
  • Experience a renewed sense of trust and confidence within yourself

I know that this time can be incredibly painful and confusing.  And while there is nothing that can take away the experience you’ve been through, inner healing work allows you to experience the power of self love and coming to a place of greater peace during this tender time.

If you are struggling after pregnancy loss and are searching for tools to lessen the pain and feelings of isolation and you’d like to speak with me about receiving support and healing during this time, please fill out your consultation request form here.

There is a Light of Love that burns especially for the hearts of mothers and fathers who have known pregnancy loss.  This light is always available to you, and is the container from which all of this work is done.

It is my honor to be of service in this Sacred and tender realm of work.